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Upcoming Auctions

Shuttle & Utility Vehicle Auction
February 28–March 6

March Golf & Turf Auction
March 18-22

Online Only Golf Car Auction
March 27-April 2

Online Only Multi Vehicle Auction
April 8 - 17​

Online Only Specialty Vehicle Auction
April 10-16​

Online Only Turf Auction
April 22-25

Tax Certificate of Exemption

Minimize Risk. Maximize Value

The Agriculture Marketplace is dedicated to facilitate the sale and purchase of high value assets, including tractors, farming implements and related accessories. The marketplace offers the sales of the assets via one of several platform options - a perpetual auction that allows buyers to make purchases to meet their customer needs or a private auction that limits buyer access. All assets listed on the Agriculture Marketplace have detailed condition reports that provide buyers with the necessary information to make an informed buying decision while maximizing the price for our sellers.

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